Why Buy Junk Silver Coin Bags?

It’s a weird way to invest in silver but when you buy junk silver you may actually be getting a great deal. Junk silver coins are coins that are in poor condition and as such are not sought by collectors. Their value depends on their silver content alone.

Junk silver bags usually contain coins with a face value of $1000 and typically weigh around 55 pounds. The pure silver content of a full bag of junk coins will be about 715 oz. It’s possible in many cases to buy half, quarter and even tenth bags.

Because junk silver bags are bought as an investment in the value of silver, junk silver prices fluctuate and follow movements in the spot price of silver. This makes it possible to speculate and make a purchase when the price of silver dips. Then you can sell again when the price of silver picks up. You can also buy a full bag and split it, selling part of the contents at one time and the rest later.

Junk silver coin dealers make a premium between the price at which silver bags are sold and bought. This premium remains pretty constant even if the price of silver changes.

If you’re interested in junk silver prices you should check out a couple of the following online dealers for the latest prices.

Junk Silver Bag Dealers: